Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Who do I contact if I am interested?

Contact Us Dr. Schorr, Dr. Cavale or, Nancy Ward (Clinical Manager) for additional details.

Phone: (215) 953-6804

What is a clinical (research) trial?

A clinical trial is a research study which utilizes volunteers to evaluate a new therapy or a new role for existing therapies to determine if it shows promising effects that may help others in the future. In addition, these studies look for any potential side effects that patients may experience while on the therapy. Our physician is involved with several studies to allow our patients access to treatments that may only be available to them while participating in a clinical trial.

All study participants are encouraged to consult with their family physician and/or family members to discuss trial participation. If you are interested in a certain study, your family doctor may contact us to gain a better understanding of the trial as his input may assist you to decide if trial participation is the best option for you.

Why are clinical trials important?

Clinical trial participation is crucial for development of new medications and devices to treat endocrine diseases, especially Diabetes mellitus and Thyroid diseases. Through clinical research we are able to assist scientists to:

  • Develop new drug therapies/treatments/medical devices that may prove to be safer or more effective than the ones currently available.
  • Discover new, safe and effective medications/treatments for conditions that currently have no proven treatment.
  • Seek new uses for treatments that are currently available.

What is informed consent?

As a participant in a clinical trial, you will be given all available information in language you understand to be able to make an informed decision concerning your willingness to participate in a clinical trial. You will have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered to your satisfaction prior to being asked to provide your written signature of consent. The ultimate decision to participate lies with you and you are free to withdraw your consent at any time. After you have signed a consent, the original consent form will be maintained with your research record. A photocopy of the consent form will be furnished for you to keep.

Who can participate in Clinical Trials?

Each clinical trial has its own specific patient criteria. Every enrolled patient must meet these criteria in order to be considered for the trial. These criteria are created by the sponsor of the trial and must be adhered to in order to ensure the safety of the enrolled patient and integrity of the trial being conducted. Patients enrolled in a clinical trial are expected to adhere to the study guidelines established with regard to study visits and study medication administration.

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