Virtual (Telemedicine) Visits

As per CDC Covid-19 guidelines, in order to decrease the spread of the virus in our community by social distancing, we continue to provide Telemedicine visits with our physicians to all our patients. But as we gradually transition into a safer environment and back to in-person visits, we will continue to offer the option of Telemedicine visits as well. Providing remote care in addition to in-office visits will allow us to accommodate the needs of our high-risk patients and those with transportation issues or work/family commitments as we strive to provide ALL our patients high quality care.

You may choose the option of a Virtual appointment, if your insurance allows payment for Telemedicine visits and if our office is a Participating Provider with your insurance.

We use the telehealth Website as a convenience to our patients, which can be accessed via iPhone or Android and if using laptop or tablet, via Firefox or Chrome


  1. Click on the button below to be redirected to the virtual waiting room at the time and date of your appointment:

    Dr. Cavale Waiting Room

  2. Please log in 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Check in with your name.

  3. Please be prepared to pay with a valid credit/debit card any amount due when our staff calls you to schedule your visit.

  4. Please have a list handy with any questions for the physician.

All insurances currently accepted by DEC-PA, LLC have approved telehealth sessions from our Physicians. Please check with your own insurance provider if you have any concerns about your specific plan. You are responsible for any-out-of-pocket deductible/copays/coinsurance or any Televisit fees which will be due at time of your virtual visit to be paid with a valid credit/debit card. We also require at least 48hr advance notice to avoid a cancellation/no show charge for virtual visits. It is essential for you to keep your appointments as scheduled both in-office or virtually, so we can continue to provide prescription renewals and necessary medical guidance to maintain your optimal health.

Please call our office to schedule your virtual visit and check this website for any updates.